First blog about my first baby

This is my first baby , and he is now 8 weeks old … And I feel 80 years old . So I have decided to write a very honest blog about my experience of the last 8 weeks and will carry this on until ( honestly ) I get bored !!! Long story short, I’m small, partner is small hospital put fear of God in to me saying problems with my baby, so need to get induced. Got induced, ate some cake , didn’t work first time, 24 hrs later got induced again, ( nearly went through the bars of the bed this time , doc was little shall we say forceful ) any way , nothing happened , so ate more more cake, and sent my partner home. At 12pm that night waters broke, labour started immediately, which was fab as they put me back in lambing live ( that’s the bay’s in the hospital) until I asked to be moved as I was mooing like a cow. 5 hours later after every member of staff in the hospital looked at me inside , I was put under general anaesthetic and my baby josh was born by emergency c section. Weighing 5,4lb and he is absolutly perfect . Won’t bore you with the recovery stage in the hospital , but I recovered and came out 3 days later .

First night at home ,

so, this was an experience , you take the baby home in a car seat your not sure how works and get through the door, and then say ” now what ” , baby is hungry , you think your organised but in fact that is as far away from the truth as Australia is. You have the bottles, which are not sterilised, you have the nappies which are not easily accessible, you have no milk for a cup of tea as you have been in hospital for best part of a week. Every thing stinks from the hospital, you can’t walk very well and your both knackered, and to make things that little bit better the chuffing electric goes off because you have plugged a lamp in (which you think will help you see your baby in the night ) for the first time and boom. So I slept on the sofa for the first night ( why I have no idea) and rocked josh to sleep in the pram ?? Why I did this I have no idea I put it down to the drugs because i do infact have a bed and so does josh .

Next day at home you start to feel more human, you get in to some sort of routine, which includes bringing every thing downstairs to make it more accessible . This is the time you start to realise what you have , in my case my beautiful  baby boy . So grateful he is well and so lucky to have the opportunity to be parents.Just as you start to make a brew your door goes and it’s like this for 4 weeks so be prepared if your pregnant you need a cow in your garden for milk for the amount of cups of tea you go through for visitors. Nice but wow intense.

Day 3 a quick note.

By 9am I had ordered a powerful breast pump and sent my partner out for this as my boulders were going to explode, never felt anything like it in my life. Best thing you can do on day three.

The next few weeks .


I cried every day , both tears of joy, and tears of omg why do I feel like this, why don’t I fit in to any thing. However I soon discover this is normal 🙂 luckily , I did at one point think I was going these next few week up until now have consisted of pumping milk daily , which takes nearly all my time, never having a hot cup of tea or any thing hot for that matter, ok I like may be a few donner kebabs as that seems to be the only thing I can achieve to eat that’s hot ,mob and the occasional pot noodle .

How ever I have been productive , week 1 we registered his birth, oh the excitement of those places, and because I’m not married seems to open up a whole new paragraph for them to read out. Opened him a bank account on week 2 to which when they asked me his name I forgot , ( odd how it takes forever to remember your child’s name , or is it just me ?) registered him with the g.p yet another essential , and stupidly, but pleased I did now arrange a photo shoot in the home, thank god for photo shop. Managed to squeeze in a full food shop and again nearly forgot I had him almost (note ALMOST )left him at the till, as my hands were occupied by the shopping. So the pro’s in those weeks were, been able to park in child and parent bays YES I now have an excuse , and for you first time mums like me you have got to admit feels great . I luckily had my partner at home for 4 weeks and with his obsessive cleaning led me in to a false sense of security that I was organised, how that has changed since him returning back to work. Another pro taking a stupid amount of photos and blasting them on social media, oooo his eyes are open , oooo his eyes are shut ….. I’m sure these photos are loved by every one (saracasim right there) . Oh another pro using the lift, every where another excuse to get even chunkier. So having a baby does open a few doors of opportunity as I have mentioned . However it has been a learning curve although it’s only been 8 weeks i feel like I have done a degree in stool assessment , wind and crying , and so far so good. So to sum up these first weeks , in single words.. Emotional, draining, scary, happy, over whelmed , in love .

Week 8

ok let’s skip to the good bit, josh is now wide awake, alert, likes his play gym and pretty sure has paddies. Oh we have smiles too. However yesterday was a joy, (did I mention I have a cat ) so I wake up lovely day , partner goes to work , are routine comences, get to 4pm and josh decides he is super tired, hungry, needs the toilet and is bored all at once. So after a feed, a change I decide to go to the park, happily he falls asleep on the park bench (yes he is on my knee ) I sit there for 20 mins and answer all the questions from passers by , yes he is a baby , yes he us small, he is a BOY ! I put him in his pram and walk to asda yey . Buy some butter as that’s super exciting josh is still asleep at this point . Start our journey home, and he starts to cry , louder and louder so I then have to remove him from the pram and carry him clinging on like a monkey and push the pram through the park. I get home , and think thank god for that however the off button doesn’t seem to work, I change his nappy and he wees on  the floor (regular occurrence now ) still haven’t managed to figure out a way of successfully changing a nappy. Feed him, to which he is then sick, and in the meantime I’m trying to cook a  curry I made from the freezer. I did get my tea,however my house looked like a bomb had hit it, as I had spilt the  rice trying to eat or say shovel  it in my mouth because I was so hungry, the nappy I had changed has turned in to nappies and he is now on new milk that just pours out of him , and the wee , well that was still there. THEN… I look out the window and my cat daisy is running towards the cat flap with a mouse in her mouth, at this point baby is crying , I swimming in curry , wee and nappies and I am going to have to contend with Stuart little. You will be pleased to know I got the cat of the mouse and the mouse survived. It did however enter the house when my partner was home, ( I was in bed so left them too it ) 😜.

so week eight threw up some challenges or day of challenges shall we say , he did have his first immunisations though. Poor thing , again I was crying however as the saying goes cruel to be kind. Had a lovely day out today though at harewood  house for a food festival, any thing with food floats my boat, and managed to push a pram around which was a bonus and he slept yey. Week 9 tomorrow how time flies when your having fun …oh just thought I would add babies are apparently programmed to need you just as your tea has cooked 😓.

Week 9

first night in next to me crib, erm was successful yes, however little tip don’t put baby in white baby grow on white bedding, because they are so well camoflarged that you think you have actually some how misplaced your child in the night. However he was there after much patting of the matress. Already had a poo plosion which was a joy at 9am took two of us a towel full bag of cotton wool and sudacrem to address the situation. So currently sat with Windows and door open ventilating the area wooooo, amen for coffee.

So this week has been good, josh has started smiling, also making some lovely sounds. Weather has been fab so been in the garden a lot this week catching the Rays 😜😎. Can’t say a lot has happened that is overly exciting this week, so not gunna bore you ha .


Week 10

well, at this present time I’m currently sat on my bed in the dark with my screaming son, my fella is down stairs cooking me a pre made korma, and I’m sat writing this to keep me from going insane . Ps it’s 8.45pm for those interested .SO this week I’ve been to baby massage, josh successfully gave himself three golden showers during the space of 30 minutes, needless to say the instructor reassured me that he is very hydrated , as I wasn’t really sure where all this wee was coming from…. Apparently.  Any way have also taken josh swimming, he loved it , so did I just to have a change of scenery. You have probably noticed that I have not been on a while, this is due to a family loss , and also awaiting a new key board for my iPad so I can type at speed. So to catch up on the [ast 2 week, Bnwt a lot of happened really, other than he has learn’t how to laugh , poor thing gave him self a shock when he was laughing don’t think he realised what was going on physically. I have finally learnt how to multitask to an extreme level and also recently found how exciting using eBay can be. However my bank account thinks other wise.

So I apologise for the lack of information during the past 2 weeks, however I hab even now got a key board, josh has a power nap around 3pm which can allow me to write.

So week 13,

JABS …. COIL….. It’s the painful immunisation time, he handled it ok, pretty sure they should invent a all in one jab tho, seriously do kids need to go through this?? And I had the coil put back in wahooo, lovely experience that was, didn’t help the fact this was done in the place that I work, had a lady who I see regulary on my lunch break help to reassure me whilst it was been put in, she nicely said ooo I know you, I thought yes your gunna know me a little better now … #pinkface.

This does mean now no more morning sickness for at least 2 years yey . This week I have also tried to achieve to meet up with a priest to get him christened . However I am unsure how well it will go down that I am not married, and haven’t been to church for  around 10 years . I do have a bible though will this count ?  Things I have learnt this week are that I’m pretty sure my child is having me on at times, and has developed an attention seeking cough, especially on a morning…. ?  Also that having your hair up isn’t such a problem {not one for been scruffy }  Also that I am NEVER to sneeze when I’m feeding my child, he screams as me, it’s funny how I always get the erge to do this when I’m feeding him tho. Well he woken up now so I best be off for the Monet, he is currently making baaaaa sounds which I think mans he is hungry who knows, will throw some spontaneous amount of formula in a bottle and see how we go . P.s for those who are reading this, I am aware my spellings and punctuation are not the greatest, however writing in a matter of minutes and trying to multitask i think is an achievement in its self 🙂

week 14

so this week we have decided to take a trip to the beach, for his first seaside experience. Rating of  this idea 6/10 . Basically I had this ideal picture in my mind that I would let him play in the Sand or rather lie in the sand.I did this but it soon ended in a facial rash and sand in every hole possible. Poor josh haha this did then heighten my anxiety around the beach. However the weather was lovely, feeding wasn’t a problem so would reccomend it. I did have an altercation with an elderly lady though, grrrr so mad, my partner and I were sat eating fish and chips (baring in mind the tray was that full that negotiating around this tray was impossible without spilling ) josh was happily sleeping in his pram so this was the ultimate time to eat. So we are sat there munching away, seagulls appear which is normal I would say for a coastal experience. This lady then pipes up “it’s because your feeding the seagulls , watch your baby ” she said this in a tone like I’m stupid , we had dropped one chip …ONE and this resulted in this lady thinking I’m trying to have my baby abducted by seagulls. Do people not mind there own business any more? Any way part of me wanted to put the remained of food at her feet , however I thought best not… Best be mature about this as I’m now a mother .

Todays task is to see the priest, so wish me luck with this, will let you know how this goes.

Hi again every one , can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks since my last post , however I will try fill you in , so saw the priest , he was great actually, not sarcastic at all ………. 😜 However he did have a great sense of humour.  We booked josh in to be christened and that all went along smoothly. These past 10 weeks have been busy hence not having the time to sit on here and write, I thought I didn’t have time at the start, I certainly have not time now ha. Basically these weeks have been huge both developmentally and also huge I  terms of the amount I have to do to keep the monkey entertained. For those of you who are first time mums , I’m going to give you a very real taste of what my life is like now ha . I get up at 8 am every morning, not one day do I get a lie in, ( this is pretty good really to say he is 6 months. So 8 am bing ( you will find this on CBeebies ) goes on, he is placed on the floor in a play gym , he last 4 minuets in this, he then wants placing in his bouncer to watch the 3 min programme of Bing which we put on repeat whilst I ram 2 weetabix down my neck and have a cup of tea. By 8.45 he wants some brekky so he to has a weetabix,of which goes every where so after this I change him , we go back in front room and he wines for 30 mins and then needs a nap.  The nap only lasts 15 minuet and in this time , I clean up and have a quick coffee. By 10am he is ready for the day , so  this means go go go ….. groups, walking , swimming, DONT ever stay in because this causes some form of reaction in the form of a paddy… screaming and just general boredom. Why I am not 4 stone I don’t know. Any way after a day of none stop stimulation, it bath time at 6, bed at 7 and then it me time… oh and chocolate is great at this time. In terms of development in these past few weeks , he has learnt to wave which is great fun. He has also learnt to stand in his car seat to prevent me strapping him in ….HE IS 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!! He also takes his dads glasses off. He has gained a tooth… bottom one 😊 Got some more hair, trying to sit up. Also he is now weaning, well eating any thing at all really … don’t even know why weaning is called weaning…. I mean they try to eat any thing really so don’t know why they don’t call it… the “just feed them ” stage. And the grandparents and aunts will feed them any thing and every thing   I’m cooking home cooked veg  they are feeding him fudge cake, ice cream, chocolate…. all part of it. He has also had hand foot and mouth disease recently, that wasn’t nice, I was so worried for him. But he is fine now, after a week of medication . I have also learnt to shop with him attached to me in a sling, great however packing isn’t as he is facing forward he feels the need to eat the bag and try munch on every thing as it’s going away…. the lady at the till had to help me as I spent half my time taking items of food he had pinched out his mouth … we have been on holiday to a static caravan at blue dolphin, that was actually really nice , every thing you need there , would recommended a break like this. At the moment though I must admit the days are very similar, so I’m going to try change some things I do .